A few words about our project
Shortly, our goal is to make good Chinese tea available.
To tell, to explain, to teach, to recommend, to inspire, to engage.

If more detailed, to spread not only the tea itself, but also the theme of Chinese tea culture, telling about the varieties, production moments, tastes and flavors. You will find not only the highest quality tea from the best plantations of China, but also many favorite tea events with a warm atmosphere.
We sincerely believe that good people should drink good tea and our efforts are focused on this.
Why Wutang Tea?
No, not because we grew up with a band with the same name from the East Coast of the USA.
It's simple! From Chinese Wu Tang (无糖) means – without sugar. It's pristine and natural appearance of tea – no sugar coating, sweeteners and all redundant. Good tea is self-sufficient and balanced. Only in its pure form, you can feel all the shades of the flavors and endless play of the taste. Only in a properly brewed form you can get aesthetic pleasure of tea, develope a meditative creative state, acquire a cheerful disposition, focus, hire verve and vigor or relax when necessary.
Our tea events
We hold tea meetings on a regular basis. In winter, it is held in a cozy space and warm atmosphere, and in summer – in the Park outdoors. It lasts an average of 2 hours.

At the beginning of the meeting, we always talk about the tea history, culture, methods of proper way of tea making. In the course of it, all this flows into a friendly conversation on various topics, accompanied by interesting stories and legends. And, Yes, during all this time we really drink tea. This is usually a variety of our specialty tea from personal collection.

We strive to create an atmosphere in which every guest can forget about the fuss and rush, and focus on the flavor and taste of the tea. The bustle of the city retreats. Time passes slowly, giving a respite from everyday worries.

You can find more information about our events on our Facebook page
Catering and tea ceremonies
We are ready to serve any private event from 10 to 100 people
Tea master use a Chinese way to make your cup of tea. Hot water and steam, porcelain and glass already look beautiful. By cooking tea on the fire we will give the audience a good show.

Guests come to the Tea bar and choose tea. The drink is served in tea bowls or in cardboard cups for guests' freedom of movement. And meanwhile, the master answers questions from guests, making conversation on tea topics. And if desired, it is possible to hold a full master class.
Feedback from our guests
Всегда безумно приятно ходить на дегустации чаёв, ребята умеют создать теплую (во всех смыслах) атмосферу. Успокаивающая музыка, рассказы об истории чая, ароматы благовоний или свечей, ну и сама церемония - полная релаксация + узнаёшь много нового и интересного. Спасибо вам что вы есть и вы любите то, что делаете :)
ЗЫ: каждый раз заряжаюсь какой-то спокойной позитивной энергией от улыбок Ангелины и Ромы.
Tanya Obreja
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Тот случай, когда давно чего-то такого искал, а оно тебя само нашло. Я наконец-то понял, как пить чай так, чтобы ещё и максимум удовольствия получить от напитка и от процесса. Если вы слышали о пуэре, да хунь пао и тигуанинь, то готовьтесь, ибо это лишь верхушка айсберга. На чаепитиях создаётся максимально комфортная атмосфера. Многие подумают, что дело в антураже и всякой мишуре, но будут неправы. Достаточно лишь улыбок и человеческого отношения Ромы и Ангелины. Я просто хотел попить чаю, а открыл для себя чудесных людей. Тут и правда, соответственно названию, нет ничего лишнего.
Dmitry Grin
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Recomand cu drag această pagină tuturor iubitorilor de ceai chinezesc calitativ. Wutang Tea e mai mult decât un simplu magazin de ceai. E o comunitate întreagă unde poți învăța tot ce te interesează despre acest domeniu, începând cu locul unde a crescut frunza, procesul de prelucrare, până la temperatura apei cu care trebuie preparată pentru a obține aroma perfectă în cana ta.
Corina Ovcearenco
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